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As healthcare professionals, we have a variety of techniques to help us cope with smells. Essential oil infused masks can be used for a wide range of smells that we encounter as healthcare professionals.

This Scented Mask will help healthcare providers lengthen bedtime stays with patients, by masking not-so-pleasant smells that are common in the nursing profession. The object is to provide quality medical products with superior value to health care providers and end-users, improving patient care and embracing the quality of people’s lives.

Using a natural plant-based essential oil-infused mask approach to promote healthy living, emotional health and well breathing suits just about every customer. Most people prefer homeopathic treatment versus traditional medication prescriptions. Cancer patients, Immunocompromised patients. Nail salon technicians, Firefighters, Sheriff officers, Assisted living facilities, etc.

An added bonus would be Cancer patients, Immunocompromised patients, etc. can wear it to help boost their immune systems as well as promote physical wellness and allow them to feel safer around others.

Emotional Responses from Essential Oils

Many times, the responses triggered by your limbic system can be emotional responses that are calming or uplifting, depending on the unique chemical structure of the oil. More importantly, because responses in the limbic system are based on memory, each person experiences each essential oil a little bit differently.

Restoring: These are oils for emotional and physical support. They are meant to help revive, strengthen, and rejuvenate the body and the senses. Some Essential Oil Examples: Frankincense, On Guard, and Lavender. 

Uplifting: These oils are meant to be inspiring. They encourage feelings of exhilaration, refreshment, and enlivening. Some Essential Oil Examples: Orange, Grapefruit, and Watermelon.

Energizing: These oils are used to bring feelings of motivation and activation. They tend to be brisk, naturally stimulating oils that help wake up the mind and body. Some Essential Oil Examples: Peppermint, Lemon, and Orange 

Clarifying: Topically, these oils are used to improve skin tone and appearance, and aromatically they can be used to help settle and resolve ambiguous, uncertain feelings. Some Essential Oil Examples: Adaptive, Frankincense, and Lavender.

Calming: These oils are helpful for relaxation, both physically and mentally. They are typically used for stress relief, meditation, and preparation for sleep. Lavender, Adaptive, and Citrus Bloom

Soothing: These are oils that help to ease and alleviate issues, both emotional and physical. They are meant to reassure and console as needed. Peppermint, Lavender, and Watermelon

Stabilizing: These are oils that help steady the nerves and encourage more even, balanced emotions. Some Essential Oil Examples: Frankincense, On Guard, and Adaptive.

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