Here are some comments customers have made about our Masks:


“OMG YES! Keiloni absolutely loved them!


Thank you! Thank you!!! She loved them!”


“My boss has been smelling them all day, and talking about how much he likes them “


“I went in a Poopy room and my scribes face was turned up, but I had a big ole smile on my face. I did get a hint of the smell with some movement but overall It’s great”


“I wore a spearmint mask during a hot yoga class. As you would imagine, having to wear a mask during hot yoga was a bit daunting. These masks have totally changed my perspective on mask wearing!! Having a constant infusion of fresh scent as you breathe makes wearing these a delight! They are also great for day-to-day use and for travel! Thank you Fresh Scented Masks, this is EXACTLY what we’ve needed! ”