About Us

About Mariposa

Mariposa’s unique value is to provide a new innovative product that is not on the market currently. This Patent Protected product has been developed to help protect by boosting the immune system of healthcare providers and patients. Masking the smells will allow healthcare professionals to spend more time with patients to discuss critical lab values, care plans, surgical procedures, and other diagnostic procedures.

Dealing with not-so-pleasant smells is common in the nursing profession. Various infections, illnesses, cancer, immunocompromised systems, vomit, feces, body odors and communicable diseases such as C-diff are everyday occurrences in the life of a Nurse. Research shows, every day in hospitals across the United States, safety errors occur due to a lack of communication between healthcare providers and patients. The Joint Commission has estimated hospitals across the nation that 80% of serious medical errors involve miscommunication between healthcare providers and patients. A third of malpractice cases involve nursing, citing a breakdown in communication.

Health Care professionals and patients would benefit the most from having the choice of a natural plant-based Scented Face-Mask that would not only be soothing and calming but will also be boosting their immune system, and the immune system of the healthcare provider.

About the Mask

The Surgical Face mask is a 3-Layer Filtration Material Made of 3-layers, non-woven fiber with soft and breathable fabric while providing the most effective protection. Guaranteed to be Hypoallergenic, non-toxic and suitable even for the most sensitive skin. Specially made with safe materials that has a scented smell for your convenience and pleasurable usage.

Ear Loop Face Mask provides fluid resistant to help reduce potential exposure of the wearer to blood and body fluids, combined with >99% BFE at 4.0 microns to help reduce patient contamination caused by exhaled microorganisms. The convenient ear loop design allows for easy slip-on and removal of the mask.

The ear loop mask is soft and lightweight for comfortable wear. All Face Masks comply with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standards and meet CDC Guidelines for Isolation Precaution, when worn properly and in combination with face shield or other types of eye protection.

This product is intended for infection control practices to minimize contamination caused by exhaled microorganisms and reduce the potential exposure of the wearer to blood and body fluids. It may be used by health care professionals desiring higher filtration efficiency, minimizing and masking unpleasant odors, than standard surgical masks provide. • The first and second layers of the mask effectively filter large particles with an additional layer that absorbs the oil through hydrophilic material.