About the CEO

mariposa-en-envolucion-home-image-2Michelle Bailey

My name is Michelle, but you can call me Mimi. I am the CEO of Mariposa En Evolucion, also known as Mariposa’s Fresh Scented Masks. I am an Emergency Room nurse and Registered Respiratory Therapist. I have always been inspired to help and make a difference in people’s lives early on. Having the love of wanting to help those that could not help themselves led me to the medical field.

I started my nursing career as a county nurse about 6 years ago. I had my first encounter with a patient who had been lying in Urine and Alcohol for at least 2-3 days. I couldn’t describe the smell if I wanted to. While wanting to be the best nurse I could be to my patients, I had to come to terms with something, I’m super sensitive to smells believe it or not. I immediately started coming up with ideas for masking the smells I encountered. For the longest time, I used to use either minty toothpaste or Baby lotion. I would call my friend almost every morning after working the night shift, and joke about inventing something that could help us stay bedside longer with patients while blocking smells.

A friend introduced me to essential oils a couple of years ago which led to the first seed being planted for Mariposa! Dealing with not-so-pleasant smells is common in the nursing profession. Various infections, illnesses, cancer, immunocompromised systems, vomit, feces, infections, body odors and communicable disease process such as C-diff are everyday occurrences in the life of a nurse. Some nurses tend to get used to foul odors while others continue to struggle.

The Wearer would benefit the most from having the choice of a natural plant-based scented mask that would be soothing and calming while also boosting their health and encouraging positive moods for healthcare providers. This Scented mask benefits medical professionals by also allowing prolonged stays in the room with patients. Overall, we do our absolute best to show empathy and maintain the dignity of our patients.